Professional Window Cleaning: Is it Worth It?

Most homeowners don’t wash their windows regularly. Let’s face it— in the hot Florida sun, our windows are usually covered by blinds, shutters, curtains or a combination of the three.

But when you drive by someone else’s house, take note of what you notice when observing. Chances are, it’s the windows. After all, the saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” denotes how important windows can be. Professional window cleaning can help you to uncover the beauty of your home, inside and out.

Windows help your house feel open, inviting, and full of light.

Professional Window Cleaning

These glass panels help to keep pesky intruders out. They can also help to keep the temperature of your home regulated. With all of the hard work your windows perform for your home, it’s worth investing a bit of work to keep them clean. Thankfully, with the help of Classic Care of America, you don’t have to do the work yourself!

So why is it worth it to wash your windows, and how often should you clean them?

Is it worth it to invest in a professional window cleaning service, or can you just do it yourself? We’re here today to answer those questions and more!

1. Professional window cleaning can help you in more ways than one.

Professional Window Cleaning

Of course, hiring a professional will save you precious time. To some that’s more than enough of a reason to invest in the service. But time isn’t the only thing you could be saving. Our professional technicians at Classic Care of America are trained to spot current and potential future damage to window fixtures. They can detect whether windows are properly installed, and they can spot possible flaws which could be allowing elements into your home.

Regular window cleanings can help control insect infestations, and can catch potential mold and mildew damage before it gets out of control. This is a big deal for wet Florida summers. Many homeowners simply aren’t aware of the places mold and mildew can harbor before it’s too late.

2. Professional window cleaning should be done twice a year at the very least.

Professional Window Cleaning

In the humid Central Florida heat, it is recommended to deep clean your windows on a seasonal basis to keep them in top condition. You can settle for biannual cleanings, but prevention is key. Keeping the dirt and grime at bay is the best way to ensure you’re staying on top of any possible issues that could arise from window damage. The math adds up: the more frequent your professional window cleanings, the better idea you’ll have about the health of your windows.

3. Keeping your windows clean can help them to last longer.

Professional Window Cleaning, Image courtesy of Trip Advisor

Sand and dirt can scratch the surface of windows and cause etching, which weakens the strength of the glass. If you live near a water source, or if you have mulching outside of your windows, other elements like mold or fungus spores can easily attach themselves to your windows.

The longer these foreign elements stay on the glass, the harder they become to clean off. Weakened glass is the leading cause for breakage in Florida storms such as thunderstorms and hurricanes. Keeping your windows clean ensures that they are strong and able to resist the elements.

4. Clean Windows increase your home’s value

Professional Window Cleaning
Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of New House

Thinking of selling your home? HGTV recommends taking a photo of the outside of your home, and then changing the color filter to black and white. When you look at your home in grayscale, you can really see the way dirt and grime impacts your curb appeal. But the reason for clean windows isn’t just aesthetic, clean windows can actually help to boost your home’s resell value significantly. Buyers want shiny, clean windows that they can gaze into and out of. Clean windows help to dramatically increase your curb appeal.

When it’s time to clean your windows, Classic Care of America is the premier source for window cleaning in Central Florida.

Our service areas include Windermere, Winter Garden, Ocoee, Clermont, and more throughout the Central Florida area. Call us today and let us get the hard work done for you, so you can enjoy your windows for years to come.